Digital archive


The Aboriginal Archives in Italy project includes a digital archive that has been created to make accessible in one space, a sample of archival records held in Italy. As a growing resource, this digital space will include more contents and interpretations over the years. 

In the digital archive, you can: (a) find information on snippets of archival collections held in Italy; (b) consult additional resources and subject guides; and (c) respond, comment or critique the archive. The digital archive is a prototype that will be growing and remain dynamic according to communities feedback. 

You may not have access to everything on the site. There are different cultural protocols, rights, uses, and permissions associated with it. These will change according to the decisions made by the peoples and communities connected to those stories. By no means is the data collected for this study exhaustive. On the contrary, it has been gathered to provide a set of information, examples and resources which could be added to and re-used into the future. 


What is included 

The Aboriginal Archives in Italy is a dynamic and growing digital space which includes:

  • secondary accounts created by Italian missionaries, priests, travellers, immigrants, explorers and scientists about Aboriginal peoples and communities from the partners‘ collections;
  • when possible, English translations of the information available on the records;
  • curated resources to contextualising the records further;
  • contextual information published by individual researchers about the collections.
How to access the Digital Archive

Once you click on the button below, you will be able to choose your navigation through the collections and resources directly from the homepage. To comment and add information, please contact us

the digital archive prototype

A digital space dedicated to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander library and archives professionals, Community members and organisations to find information and resources about archival collections held in Italy.


We inform visitors that the historical images in the digital archive show images, voices and names of Aboriginal peoples who have passed away.

Many of the photographs and texts on the site relate to topics and events of colonisation and may include depictions that are offensive or racist in today’s context.



Informiamo i visitatori di questo sito che le immagini storiche nell’archivio digitale mostrano immagini, voci e nomi di persone Aborigene che sono morte.

Molte delle fotografie e dei testi presenti nel sito riguardano temi ed eventi relativi alla colonizzazione e possono includere descrizioni considerate offensive o razziste nel contesto odierno.